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Top Scientific Conferences
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Top Scientific Conferences

Scientific conferences

In today's text, we will tell you where to look for scientific conferences for students, how to choose them, how to apply correctly, publish an abstract or article, and speak at the event itself. The material will be useful both for future scientists striving to gain fame in the academic world while still studying for a bachelor's degree, and for those who want to go abroad.  

Why participate in student scientific conferences?

First, to (banal) broaden your horizons. Agree, not all the knowledge spreading throughout the scientific world can be found online. And even offline at the universities themselves, to be honest, they are unlikely to tell you about the latest technical innovations and biological discoveries. Scientific conferences are a great opportunity to learn something new, share research experience with colleagues, and also to understand whether an academic career as such is right for you. Second, to practice. Whether you are considering applying abroad or building an academic career, student conferences are a must have. There you can hone your presentation skills, get used to the requirements of a scientific style, get to know the luminaries of your industry and find out what needs to be changed in your work to make it even more interesting even for colleagues from related fields. Third, to create achievements for your personal brand. This item applies mainly to applicants abroad. Participation in a scientific conference is a very important indicator for the admission committee. Why? It's simple: if you participate in student scientific conferences, congresses, congresses of young scientists, international scientific readings, talk about your projects, make theoretical presentations, actively debate and leave the fields of events with diplomas of the best speakers in your section, you are definitely interested in your specialty. Moreover, you are ready to change the world around - otherwise, why would you even engage in scientific activities? Participation in scientific conferences and publications in scientific publications is a bright marker that emphasizes your personal brand, deepens it and literally screams that you really deserve to study at your chosen foreign educational institution. Therefore, we highly recommend taking part in conferences and submitting your work for publication at least in online journals - this is (most often) free and not at all as scary as it seems at first glance. To become a speaker, you will need:
  • Find the topic of scientific work, describe it, imagine how it (if necessary) can be changed;
  • Find a supervisor who will check your work (most often he does not write articles or abstracts with the student);
  • Find a theoretical base on which you will rely when creating a scientific work (10-12 monographs, chapters from textbooks, scientific works of other researchers and Internet resources are enough);
  • Find a conference, one of the sections of which contains the direction within which your scientific work will be created;
  • Create a scientific work, attach it to the application for the conference and send it before the specified deadline (sometimes through a common system, sometimes - to the e-mail of the person in charge);
  • Prepare a short, bright and expressive presentation of your scientific work;
  • Wait for confirmation of your participation in the conference;
  • Prepare for a speech, which most often should not exceed ten minutes, and think over possible answers to questions from the audience (and they will definitely be);
  • Speak at the conference as a speaker.

What are the most famous scientific conferences?

Dismantling of conventional power plants and industrial plants

The focus of the conference "Deconstruction of Conventional Power Plants and Industrial Plants" is on recycling-friendly dismantling.

4th International Conference on Gear Production 2022

Join one of the most important biannual gatherings for the transmission industry, both for technical experts and decision makers.

4th International Conference on High Performance Plastic Gears 2022

Learn about the current state of the industry, manufacturing, application and use of high performance plastic gears.

International Conference on Gears 2022

Over 600 experts will discuss the latest research and development results. Join the 9th International Conference on Gears.

VDI conference on plastics in medical technology

The VDI conference gives an overview of the current trends in the development, production and regulation of polymer-based medical products.

VDI/ITAD Conference on Thermal Waste Treatment 2022

At the VDI/ITAD conference you will learn more about legal regulations and developments in thermal waste treatment.

VDI conference “Precision and deep drilling 2022”

The VDI symposium "Precision and deep drilling news 2022" is the established industry meeting place where you can meet leading experts from industry and science on the latest developments.

Casting technology and e-mobility

The VDI conference "Casting Technology E-Mobility" shows the effects of e-mobility on the business models of the foundry industry.

4th International VDI Conference - Future of Buses

On November 8th and 9th, 2022, the 4th international VDI conference "Future of Buses" will take place in Düsseldorf!

Innovative drives 2022

The change in drive technologies is in full swing. The goal for our mobility 2050 is already clear today, we will discuss the way to get there with you!

ELIV MarketPlace 2022

The ELIV MarketPlace is the meeting place for experts to exchange information about trends and developments in electronics in mobile applications.

Drinking water hygiene & installations

Discuss the latest developments on the subject of drinking water hygiene with the relevant rule-setters of the VDI at the VDI conference.

Agricultural Engineering

Exchange of specialist knowledge - Discuss future-oriented agricultural innovations with experts from research and technology.

The Brain Conference

Brain has been publishing landmark neuroscience and neurology papers since 1878, and in 2021 held their first Brain Conference online. This year’s two-day event will also be online and will feature an impressive line-up of speakers from around the world including leading scientists and clinicians who are experts in their neuroscience disciplines. Guest speakers include: Janine Kirby, Professor in Neurogenetics; Robert MacFarland, Professor of Paediatric Mitochondrial Medicine; David Okai, Clinical Lead in Neuropsychiatry, and many more.  


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